Little Girl Room for Three

I have three beautiful little girls that share a room. There are four total, but she is our favorite and has her own room ;). These three little girls have had this room for nearly five year. During this time they’ve knocked holes in their walls and put more dirt and grime from the soles of their feet on their walls than I ever thought imaginable. Their lovely art did not go on paper and instead they scribbled on their walls, scribbled on their beds, and made my once boho child’s room into booger infested nightmare

I’ve learned a lot in the five years since buying our first home. One is that magazine photos of children’s rooms are completely inaccurate! I’ve learned that for my children simplicity is a must, minimalism is the goal, and functionality is key. Beauty is easily acquired through thrift store buys, and paint goes A LONG WAY. I wish I had before photos, but mothers know that when it’s time to prep the walls for a primer, the anger and frustration of seeing your children’s names crudely written in pen takes the joy out of the before pictures. One just needs to jump in head first and get to work.

They do have a rather large closet that has a little dresser, and some storage for socks, undies, and extra sheets. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the closet, but if we run out of room that means it’s time to purge.

Peel and stick wallpaper in the builtin shelving protects the wood from persistent scratching.
Just maybe if they can display their art on Ikea’s notice boards, they’ll leave the walls alone!
One dresser goes a long way. for little girls if it’s large enough. I opted to get one w/ a mirror so it can double as a vanity.
The color of the beds was a family specialty. We took all the orange paint, peach paint, and pink paint in the basement dumped them together and hoped for the best. We’re very please with our color mixing. The rule was they could pic whatever color they wanted for the beds as long as we already owned it.
This parrot needlepoint piece in a bamboo frame was sourced at a local thrift store


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