A Simple Unfitted Galley Kitchen in a 1920’s Home

Before (South Wall)
After (South Wall)
  • Soffits were removed from the entire room. Recessed lights above the sink were replaced with lovely school house style brass pendants found at Home Depot.
  • Counter is Rimforsa bench found at Ikea.
Before (South Wall)
After South Wall

The above pictures are from before facing east. One of the major design goals was to find a way to create more light by getting rid of this oppressive soffit from the upstair’s landing.

After (Facing East)
  • A lot of the plaster underneath the landing was removed exposing ceiling joists. This opened up the kitchen significantly and allowed more light into the space. What was an eyesore is now a delightful architectural detail.
  • The recessed light was removed to expose the wood which we painted white.
  • To add light and prevent shadows from the overhead the lanterns were added from Wayfair
  • Refrigerator was replaced and slid down the North Wall.
  • If you look closely you can see a doorway behind the fridge in the before picture. That doorway was removed, and the range was installed in its’ place.
  • The Black upper cabinet is the only cabinet that was retained from the old kitchen.
  • Hood and Range are Home Depot’s Zline brand.
  • Another Rimforsa bench is between the fridge and range.
  • The end is capped off with a restaurant prep table. Prep table and sink were ordered from GatorChef.
Before (Facing East)
After (Facing East)
  • Back Door was replaced with a Pella https://lapelusa.com/ – highly recommend Brian
  • We now have more light and more privacy!
  • Floor – a black slate from Home Depot
  • Closet was removed to open up the space more and let in more light.
  • The pantry shelving is Ikea’s Ivar line
  • Removing the counter from above the radiator added better function and more heat.
  • Soffits and recessed lighting were removed from the East wall.
After (East Wall) 1920s solid brass light fixtures- reused
Commercial, Restaurant sink
  • sink deserves its own post
  • 72″ long and ordered through Gatorchef.com Chicago location
  • Gatorchef was great to work with and the Chicago location was fantastic!
  • 18″ sink basins & 11″ deep
  • 18″ drainboards on each side.
  • Garbage can under left drainboard
  • Recycling can under right drainboard.
  • Faucet is from Amazon Imlezon . We ended up switching out the 12″ faucet for an 8″ as pictured

There will probably be separate posts to talk more about the process, tile choices & finishes, what I learned, etc. Special thanks to our Contractor Oscar Lainez and his crew! They were great to work with, and we’re happy with the results!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Connie Gagne says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely from top to bottom!! Can’t wait to see it.


  2. Jean Luna says:

    Love it great job your mother would love it,go girl


  3. Dina Montesanto says:

    LOVE this! Doing something similar with my 1918 Victorian. Do you have a dishwasher? How much space do you actually have under the 18″ wide drainboard? (Trying to figure if I could fit an 18″ wide dishwasher under one drainboard.)


    1. I opted to not have a dishwasher. If I were going to get a dishwasher I would put it under a freestanding counter or inside a cabinet. I wouldn’t squeeze under a drainboard. Also dishwashers aren’t finished on the sides so you would have to build a case around it even if it just sat under the drainboard. PS. I don’t miss having a dishwasher at all!


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