We’re selling our herd

We’re very sad to report that we’ve decided to take our family and farm in a different direction and sell our entire herd. The biggest reason for this is that Jimmy just doesn’t have the time. His commute to his new job is longer and he can no longer work from home. I don’t mind my work load and enjoy every minute with these animals, but Jimmy just doesn’t have the energy when he gets home to do his part. I’ve thought about doing it all by myself, but don’t think that’s something I can handle once we start homeschooling in the fall.

Jimmy’s feeling a lot of relief while the girls and I feel more loss, but I know it’s the right decision. We’re incredibly grateful for the past year and the experience we’ve been able to have in our own backyard! We’ll have these memories forever and a lasting friendship with our breeder Kath and her family from Homeward Bound Farm.

We’re still planning on keeping our chickens, cats, and rabbit. Jimmy’s already talking about turkeys, a pig, and honey bees 😉 The girls this morning discussed turning the goat shed into a “Critter House”. For now we would love to sell our goats to new homes and adjust to a new normal before entering into a new school year with a 3rd grader, 1st grader, and kindergartner.

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