A Rare and Difficult Find

I love home design and architecture.  We searched high and low for two years for a house that was affordable, decent move in condition, and still maintained historic architectural features.  THEY ARE HARD TO FIND.  Home after home from tudor revivals, Georgian revivals,  to Chicago’s famous bungalow I saw original features ripped out of homes in hasty, cheap flips.  We saw a lot what my husband describes, as “wizard of oz houses” with a house plopped on what used to be an adorable bungalow.  It broke my heart (ticked me off) to see trim work, original oak detailing, plaster walls, and arched doorways ripped out for the fleeting fad of open floor plans. Hasty installation of ducts, original windows ripped out for cheap, tacky representations of what was never broken in the first place is being marketed as what people want.

I remember the first day I saw what was to become our first home.  The house is most accurately categorized as an English Cottage Revival.  It’s uniqueness was palpable, from the interior carefully crafted details, to the 3 city lots combined.  Jimmy and I are incredibly overwhelmed by the endless list of work and cost$$$$$$$$$ to be done inside and outside, but the potential of improving while preserving the property is thrilling.


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