To Keep or not to Keep?

Help!  We’ve spoken with two arborists with two completely different views.  Here is a red oak that is along our driveway.  DSC_0096

We’ve been told it’s about 200 years old.  It’s pretty, but it also blocks all possible light for a vegetable garden.  One arborist said it’s not in any danger breaking, but that the fungus on it will on worsen and the driveway is causing too much stress on it’s roots.  Obviously, I’m not getting rid of my driveway.

Another Arborist said it won’t grow into the driveway anymore than it already has and the wound is nothing to worry about. #confused.  He recommended cutting off some branches and creating some room in the canopy for sun to filter through (significantly less expensive).

The tree has been cabled at some point and one of the cables has snapped.

We want sunlight and healthy trees! An added bonus of this tree’s placement is that it also blocks sunlight from the house which helps with a cool home in the summer and insulate house in the winter.  DSC_0091

Do you have any thoughts?


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